We were lucky enough to be able to return to Africa this year and see more amazing wildlife and nature. Keep checking back as we add our images of a very amazing and exciting trip !

  Our adventures took us to two places in the Timbavati Private Game Reserve - The Kambaku Lodge at one side of the park and the Simbavati River Lodge on the other side. Each area has its own distinct habitats. Next we spent almost a week at the Zimanga Private Reserve. While being transported to each of our game drives our route was lined with sugar cane fields which were being harvested by local workers. It was unbelievable what large areas were cut - by hand - each day, then loaded on trains to be transported for processing. We had spectacular game drives and birding adventures at Zimanga. And, lastly we drove about 8 or so hours south to another private reserve known as Tiger Canyon. Again, this was both a photographer's dream as well as an education regarding the wildlife in the park. 



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Photography by

Butch & Linda VanSeters

Harmony Twsp NJ




Photography by

Butch & Linda VanSeters

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